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Aromatherapy for childbirth team Emma professional midwife


Contributor & Professional Midwife



  • NHS Homebirth Midwife

  • Antenatal Educator 

  • Hypnobirthing Practitioner

  • Advocate of Physiological Birth

A Bit About Emma

Emma is a dedicated and passionate NHS Homebirth Midwife who honed her skills through training at LJMU and Liverpool Women’s Hospital.


With a wealth of experience, she has attended over 100 homebirths, embodying a commitment to providing compassionate care during this intimate journey. As a certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Emma educates expectant mothers with techniques for a calm and empowering birth experience.


An advocate for women's rights, Emma is deeply passionate about promoting human rights in childbirth and encouraging physiological birth. Her dedication extends to antenatal education, where she strives to equip families with knowledge and confidence for their birthing journey.


Committed to holistic midwifery practice, Emma embodies the values of empathy, respect, and empowerment in her work.

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