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A Bit About Jude

Jude was 19 when she first met Lindsay, shortly before asking her to be present at the birth of her first child, in her cottage up the road. Youth and confidence present in the innate, animal ability to give birth naturally, they were drawn to a more natural way of giving birth, in privacy in front of an open fire.

Jude desperately wanted to be a midwife. She undertook training to carry out voluntary work as a bereavement counsellor for adults and children, as well as completing doula training to build her CV. She then balanced the multiple challenges of mothering, education, and finances from an isolated area, single-mindedly working through a nursing degree, and then a midwifery degree. She was determined to support other women, both as a feminist and simply by holding a deep understanding of women and their ability to give birth.

Jude worked for five years in Aberystwyth, followed by two in a freestanding NHS Birth Centre in London, before taking on the unique challenge of 'Midwife' for the Isles of Scilly for one year. She has since returned to the 'Birth Centre' in London.

Jude has written forward-thinking articles about her practical knowledge and learning experience in midwifery for several midwifery publications, often with an emphasis on facilitating positive and, where possible, physiological birth. She also created YouTube content of the active birth class - set up to provide free information for everyone. You can find this at


Jude is focused on changing women's and children’s worlds - a lifelong commitment!

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