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How to Use Positive birth Statements

‘’You are the love and beauty of life in full expression’’ Louise Hay

This was my first experience of positive statements. I was 15 years old and contracted a wart on my hand. Mam, had just been to a 'mind & body' fare in the RDS, Dublin and amongst her shopping delights was a little blue book of positive affirmations. It contained an affirmation for most minor ailments, realising the connection between where your mind goes your body will surely follow. Mam was adamant I say this positive affirmation to myself every day whilst looking in the mirror to encourage the wart to quickly disappear. An alternative remedy instead of applying acids or chemicals to my skin.

Guess what... the imperfection sure went. It took a while longer than I expected but then it was gone. I couldn't believe it. 😊

I will let you in on a secret… I’m a shy person! I find it difficult to navigate a room full of people and I’m not a natural networker. During my career in Spa, this was something I had to partake in regularly. The beauty shows, client meeting, sales, training and managing etc. I would feel slightly anxious,ugh, here we go again!’’, swallowing the lump in my throat. I always looked forward to events but that initial hello is something I would cringe at.

En route to an event, I would look in my car mirror and recite a positive statement. It would normally be something like...

"you got this’’, ‘’you are confident & knowledgable’’, ‘’you are going to have a great day’’, ‘’I’m super excited about today, amazing things will happen’’.

This would be any statement I could create in that moment to convert the fear bubbling away inside me and project that fear into something positive & empowering.

I suppose having this early exposure to positive statements in my personal life and career is one of the reasons why I loved my Hypnobirthing experience and it felt so natural and familiar to me. A transferable life skill I use daily. My desk at home is currently full of such statements 📝 . Some I have created and some gifted to me. If I'm out and happen upon a writing that's encouraging and conducive I make a note of it and it gets added to my vision board. They work as something to drive me and give me that little boost when needed.

During my pregnancy, I had a little business card of positive birth statements that I carried around with me in my purse. I would take this out when on train or plane journeys and it became my ritual for focusing on my pregnancy and birth during my working day. I stayed focused on my hypnobirthing practice making it part of my every day until birth. My home was filled with yellow post-it notes with statements that I had written: ones that were personal to me regarding my fears around birth. I think at one point even our kettle was dressed in yellow post-it notes. 😂

There are plenty of ways to access positive birth statements daily online but I always feel the best ones are made by the person practicing. It's relatable to you and once created you become invested in your own practice. This will be a tool you will use throughout your pregnancy so make inspiring ones you'll love. 💖

Where the mind goes the body will follow

This is a simple tool for you to create and will make a huge difference to your birth experience, watch the video to learn how you can create your own positive birth statements.

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Thanks for Reading!

Terri Irvin

Owner & Founder

Time: Bump & Beyond

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