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Ten Top Tips for Maternity Photography

#"Ah!...Here we go now, Shake it, shake, shake it Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Heeeeey yaaaaa!" may have seen in a recent post that I had some beautiful Time bump & beyond headshot pictures taken by the lovely Derya Vicars Photography who is a Wirral-based photographer on Carr Lane, Hoylake. I will be loading these quality business images to my website soon, watch this space!

Derya’s core business is built around ‘bump to baby’ photography and her maternity and 'cake smash' photoshoots are truly amazing.

I hadn't considered having a photoshoot during my pregnancy and it is something I genuinely regret. My Husband loved to take pregnancy snaps and, of course, he was always complimentary (because he valued his life) but we never achieved a candid picture.

I wholeheartedly take the blame for never quite being photo ready. I was that gal who rushed home from work, threw off my bra, scrunched my hair back and donned the biggest, baggiest pants I could find. I was never quite up to having my picture taken, let alone trying to obtain a flattering pregnancy photograph. Looking back I wish I was. I wish I had that one shot that captured the wonder my body was creating at that precious time.

As part of a 'cute baby photography competition' with my midwife group, we attended a photoshoot when my baby girl (Daisy) was four months old. I was thrilled this opportunity came about because we had previously missed the chance when she was newborn. It was just bad planning on my part.

When I arrived at Derya’s studio in Hoylake for the business headshots I was greeted with a wall of beautiful portraits of doting families and baby cake-smashes (you have to see these 🎂). I immediately felt regret that I didn't have any snuggly, gorgeous images of Daisy to plaster across my lounge. Something I could share with Mam back in Ireland. She would have loved that. Her house is like a shrine to her grandchildren and it's missing an image of Daisy emerging from a sunflower. 🌻

Whilst I was at the studio Derya and I chatted all things pregnancy and birth. Derya shared her personal hypnobirthing story with me and explained how the birth tools that she acquired were invaluable in the delivery of her two children. Derya's empowering birth experience was music to my ears.

We spoke about how important it is for mums to enjoy their pregnancy and how that bond with baby can be initiated early by talking to baby. Taking photos of your growing tummy and and massaging the skin, rewarding it for all the work it's doing stretching and moving in all the right places is all part of that bonding process. Having that respect for our birthing bodies and the deep appreciation for all it’s undertaking at this time is essential. This made me think again about my missed pregnancy photo opportunity and I asked Derya some questions that I feel may be useful to other parents as they consider their perfect maternity snaps.

See below what Derya had to say:

What do you feel is the importance of maternity photography?

Pregnancy can come with lots of personal challenges for some mums but at the same time it is the most wonderful journey in our lives. During pregnancy we realise how strong and amazing our bodies are. Some mums don’t feel like they are attractive during the pregnancy but it is a beautiful miracle. We usually realise the beauty of it when we look back at our photographs. We all need to celebrate how amazing our bodies are and believe me those images will be treasured by your children when they are older.

When is the best time to have a pregnancy photoshoot?

We are all different therefore our pregnancies are different too. We usually recommend to have a pregnancy photoshoot when you are 30 to 34 weeks gestation. In this stage you may have a good size of bump to show off but we all carry differently. After 36 weeks some mums can feel tired. Pregnancy full-term is between 37-42 weeks and booking a session during that time it is likely some babies may have already made an appearance.

Can my partner & children join in the maternity photoshoot?

Yes definitely! It is a family journey and the bond starts when you are pregnant. Nothing, is nicer than documenting this special time as a family.

Do I need to be nude for my pregnancy photo session?

You don't have to undress for the photoshoot. Some clients like to show off their bump, it's all down to personal choice and I want my parents-to-be to feel beautiful and comfortable.

Should I be concerned about stretch marks in my photographs?

It's my job to make you feel confident in your body and to leave with images you will cherish forever. We discuss all you desires in our pre-photo consultation and following that we will softly retouch any areas you that maybe a concern for you. We work on the premise that every client is different and what's most important is that the choice is yours!

Is anyone on hand to help me during my pregnancy photoshoot?

Our sessions are very relaxed. I am not only there to take your photographs. I will be there to guide you and keep you relaxed. This is how I can capture those special memories.

How can I ensure my maternity images stay private?

If you don’t wish your images to be appear on social media and internet they won’t. We take GDPR very seriously. Our client’s wishes are important to us.

Do you provide me with albums, wall art and printed products as well as digital files on USB?

Yes we do. We provide the highest quality of products in our studio which you can view when you come to see us.

What do I wear to a pregnancy shoot?

During your pre photo consultation we ask you what type of images you would like, then we advise you on clothing choices. You can wear long dresses, jeans and tops or nothing This is completely up to you.

When is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?

We recommend babies attend the studio between 5-15 days old. They tend to sleep for long periods at this stage and curl up naturally which is beautiful in the newborn images. If for any reason you can't make those early days we will change our image styles and props to suit baby and ensure you get those precious snaps.

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Thanks for Reading!

Terri Irvin

Owner & Founder

Time: Bump & Beyond

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